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  1. Nautiforms

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    The idea of a life story is important to me. Giving the work an aged appearance helps to create meaning and invitesĀ  the viewer to ask questions. The Nautiform pieces are drawn from my love of shipwrecks and items of antiquity. The patinated surfaces are created through a process with which I have little control over once it has begun, as a result the piece is always an unpredicted surprise.

    Patinated copper and wood

  2. Hornet

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    The Hornet is an assemblage of hundreds of individual components. The machine like qualities are perfectly balanced by the wooden elements. The piece has a distinct character which is enhanced by the aged appearance which has given it a ‘life history’.

    The wings are sprung loaded and are repositionable as are the legs to offer a variety of different poses.

    Charred maple, steel, brass and copper

  3. Spider

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    Made of African black-wood, turned brass and copper. This piece has a sinister appearance, the sharpness of the leg tips add to its aggression.

    African black wood, brass and copper

  4. Ant

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    The ant is made from lathe turned brass and wood, the legs are multi positional and it can be set in a variety of poses. looking into its eyes, it seems to be looking back at you.

    Wood, brass and copper

  5. Tri-pod

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    Inspired by gothic architecture, the Tri-pod saw the first introduction of a wooden element, the combination of the warm wood within the cold steel was a welcome one. The stylized form can be maneuvered into a variety of poses allowing it to be suited to its setting.

    Spalted Ash, steel and brass

  6. Hornet is moving along nicely

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    After a shaky start the hornet project is moving along. Have completed 95% of the brass components just got to make the brackets do the head and abdomen as well as the mandibles and antenna. Really looking forward to applying the finishing touches.

  7. Assembly. The beast emerges!

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    Started making all the brass sprung loaded pistons and other thingamajigs. Starting to get a feel for the scale of this piece (massive). Next I have to assemble all the wing mounts which means soldering steel… yay! Well here goes.

  8. Hornet

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    Made a start on the new piece of work, laser cut components ready for fettling.


  9. The finished article!!!

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    Created the pistons with a screw thread so can take it apart and used circlips to hold the knuckles together, really like the quick and resolved finish! It looks truly menacing, On with the next !