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Archive: Jul 2014

  1. Dragonfly

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    Dragonfly is a hybrid with influences taken from both Dragonflies and Damselflies. The 806 holes in the wings are hand cut  and then carved to create veining. The Abdomen section is turned from Purple Heart the mechanical parts are all turned from Brass.

    African Black wood, Purple Heart, Oak, Maple, Brass and Copper

  2. Nautiform ‘Patches’

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    Nautiform ‘Patches’ Was created from sheet copper which has been “patched up” with Steel plates, the piece has then had a patina applied.

    Patinated Copper, Steel and wood

  3. Tripodic Hat

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    The Tripodic Hat is inspired by the Steampunk Genre. The legs are made from turned and forged Brass, the hat and lens I have had for many years waiting for a suitable project. Brass, Copper, Wood and Found items

  4. Manta Commission

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    I have been commissioned to create a Manta Sculpture based upon my existing design. I have just removed the copper form from the etching solution, after it has dried I will be fitting it to a wooden base.

  5. New Designers One Year On

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    I was Invited to exhibit in the prestigious One Year On section of New Designers 2014. It was a fantastic experience and my work was very well received.

  6. Chester Copper-Bot

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    Chester Copper-Bot has been an evolving piece that has been worked on over the last few years. The body and head are made from sheet copper, the legs and arms are made up of brass and steel. Chester also incorporates some found objects. An acid etch process was applied to give a weathered patina.

    Copper, Brass, Steel and found objects