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Archive: May 2014

  1. Prop Tail the Anglerfish

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    Prop Tail the Anglerfish is made from a combination of found materials with purpose made components. This piece has been wired as a lamp and the 40 watt bulb creates a moody composition.

    Steel, Brass, Copper, Oak, Elm, African Black wood  and found materials

  2. Benches

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    I have made two benches to accompany some of my sculpture at the RHS show in Malvern 8th-11th May 2014. They are nearing completion and I am really pleased with how they turned out. both are made from Billet Steel and Elm and are exceptionally heavy (built to last) these designs will be available to order after the show. Please email me for more information.

  3. Cuttle

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    Started work on a piece of work for New Designers One Year On, this will be a large Steampunk inspired Cuttlefish. Here I have began carving the main part of the form from Burr Maple, I really like the swirling pattern of this wood. The head and tentacle/leg sections will be a separate element made of metal and mixed media and will be attached later.