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Archive: Dec 2013

  1. Dragonfly

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    I have started on a very ambitious project, Dragonfly. This piece will be mage mostly of carved Oak and Brass. I have made a start on the intricate wings, the holes have all been pierced out by hand (over 800 holes). I have worked into the surface with chisels creating veining and different levels. So far the wings have taken about 30 hours. The nest stage will be to begin creating a body section and hanging system for the wings.

  2. Nautilus

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    Currently working on a series of projects, I was really pleased with how the hermit crab had turned out so I thought I would have a go at a similar piece, the Nautilus. This is much larger than the Hermit and will have a greater number of components. The wood I have used for the shell is Spalted Ash. The pencil demonstrates the scale of this piece. Next step will be forming the tentacles.