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Archive: Sep 2013

  1. Manta

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    Created from copper as part of the Nautiform range of pieces. The work was intended to represent a futuristic underwater craft and contains bulkheads and internal detail that could be seen through holes in the underside.

    Patinated copper, Brass and Steel


  2. Octopus

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    I am moving along with this project. Since creating the crown I have completed the copper part of the body, fabricating and welding it together from multiple pieces. The eyes have been lathe turned from brass bar and silver soldered in place, the eye apertures will be filled with resin to blank them off. I have sourced wood for the legs and fitted them into the bespoke cups which are screw fixed from beneath. The wood I have used here is spalted Ivy  from a long dead apple tree. The next stage is to create the webbing that goes between the legs. More pics soon.

  3. Octopus

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    I have wanted to do some under water creatures for quite a while and have decided to get things kicked off with an Octopus. I want to continue in the same vein as my insect pieces and combine wood and metal elements. I intend to use predominately copper for the body and found wood for the top of the head and legs. I have started off by mocking up in plasticine to gain a general idea of form. I want to create a point of interest where the wood meets the metal so have decided on a crown motif. I have worked the crown up in copper and will now begin making up the leg cups and begin sourcing the wood to make the legs themselves.

  4. Elephant

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    Elephant head sculpture, made to commission. Overall height including stand is 1 Metre

    Salvaged Steel, Maple and found wood